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Ferrilli is a technology services provider, specifically serving the needs of higher education. But you can think of us as more.

Our company was founded in 2003 to fill a vital need for IT service professionals who truly understand the needs of higher education. Most clients initially call us in to fix a technology problem, they soon discover that Ferrilli has much more to offer. Whatever the assignment, count on us as a proactive strategic partner, dedicated to compliance, security and unparalleled customer service.

Relationships Are at the Heart of What We Do

At Ferrilli, we have the higher education IT consulting services you need to streamline operations, reduce costs and position students for success. Our goal is to establish a close relationship with each of our clients, and we begin by listening closely to your needs. We’ll thoughtfully evaluate your unique circumstances to uncover the opportunities and challenges facing your institution.

We strive to do whatever it takes to promote student success and help colleges and universities move forward. Ferrilli has analyzed what has worked across the industry for over two decades to develop a unique, holistic approach to your institution’s needs. Many of the relationships we established in our early years are as strong as ever today, as our clients know how much we care.

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Choosing Ferrilli as Your Trusted Higher Education Consulting Group

The Ferrilli team understands that each college or university is unique, so there’s never a uniform solution for every obstacle. That’s why we take the time to get to know all of the key contributors at your institution before creating a plan. Our higher education consulting group consists of the most highly qualified technical and support professionals for each area in the industry.

Our higher education consulting services include:

  • Assessment: At Ferrilli, we can conduct various technology effectiveness assessments to help uncover your institution’s needs. These assessments allow us to discover which systems are optimal for achieving your objectives. In the end, we’ll provide you with a detailed improvement plan along with the budget details to achieve it.
  • Leadership and team deployment: By understanding your institution’s dynamics, we can assemble the optimal deployment team to address your specific needs. Our IT leaders and support staff have years of knowledge and experience relevant to your institution’s culture.
  • ERP and SIS support: Our ERP and SIS consultants can apply their unparalleled industry expertise to improve your operations and processes while reducing costs and making the entire user experience more manageable.
  • CORE managed services: Ferrilli’s CORE Managed Services provide solutions with efficient, cost-effective methods to manage your technology services. We provide expertise across the entire stack, from full managed services for your ERP and SIS to assistance with more targeted solutions.
  • Security, cloud and infrastructure: Our comprehensive approach to security, cloud and infrastructure ensures that your institution’s enterprise systems and strategic solutions are resilient, secure, and agile enough to keep up with today’s accelerating pace of change.
  • CRM optimization: Our expert higher education CRM team can help deliver the solutions you need to increase enrollment, maintain relationships, improve retention, support fundraising and much more. We realize that strong student and alumni relationships are vital to achieving your goals.
  • Ferrilli Solutions: At Ferrilli, we have leveraged our extensive industry knowledge and experience to develop a suite of proprietary solutions geared toward unique data environments and business processes. These solutions are the perfect fit for you because we built them purposely for higher education institutions like yours.
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Connect With Today’s Leader in Higher Education Consultation

If you’re looking for help maximizing your technology investments and streamlining operations in one or more of your departments, Ferrilli can help. Our knowledgeable professionals and technical staff are among the most qualified in the industry to handle all your unique challenges. Call us at 888-864-3282 or contact us online today to learn how to put our proven methods to work for your institution right away.

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