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DESIGNed FOR Higher Education.

Over two decades spent strengthening and supporting the higher education technology landscape, we’ve learned a lot about the solutions that work best. They are mapped to institutions’ unique business processes. They are designed for institutions’ unique data environments. And they intrinsically understand the unique needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

So, when we saw gaps in the industry’s product portfolio, we not only stepped in to fill them – we did so with a suite of proprietary solutions informed by our experience and built specifically for the people who use them every day. Ferrilli solutions are the right fit for your institution because they are purpose-built for the mission of higher education, by experts who’ve worked in higher education their entire careers.

Increase Completion Rates & Save
Valuable Time with Ferrilli’s Automated Degree & Certificate Evaluator

Graduation is one of the most rewarding moments of any student’s life – and while getting there isn’t easy, the final steps shouldn’t be the hardest or most confusing of the journey. Some students don’t know to apply for graduation or how; others don’t know that they earned a credential, certificate, or even their degree. To ensure that students are properly awarded for their achievements, staff often need to run individual reports that cost more time and money than they should.

Ferrilli’s Automated Degree & Certificate Evaluator eliminates these issues. Our custom process runs degree evaluations on large groups of students simultaneously. It leverages your existing data to identify students who are near completion and automatically award degrees and certificates when appropriate. Simply put, it diminishes the administrative burden so institutions can dramatically improve completion rates and introduce new efficiencies at the same time.

  • Using AutoGrad, a Massachusetts community college granted more than 60 certificates to students who otherwise would not have known they were earned.
  • An Illinois community college drove a 70% increase in certificates awarded in the first year of AutoGrad and has seen a 10% to 30% increase in the years since.
  • A California community college district awarded approximately 500 additional credentials in the first term of AutoGrad, on only one of its three campuses.
  • A California community college streamlined the graduation process using AutoGrad, reducing the time its evaluator spends processing each application.


AutoGrad works with Ellucian Colleague®, Ellucian Banner®, and a host of other popular ERP systems. Contact us to start improving completion rates today.

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Simplify Your eCommerce

Students engage in thousands of transactions across your campus every day – and they want the same convenient, simplified experience they’ve come to expect from every business in this the Digital Age. That’s why we developed iNtuition Payment Solutions eCommerce – an easier, PCI-compliant payment service built for the business of higher education. Our user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with your ERP and SIS systems and is fully supported by our TPS experts. We enable fast and simple eCommerce payment processing, anytime or anywhere, safely and securely – with features including:


  • Reliable & Accessible IT Services
    • Real Time Interface
    • No Additional Servers Needed
    • Professionally Installed & Fully Supported
    • Tablet Ready
  • Streamlines Business Office
    • PCI Level 1 Compliant
    • Customized Student Statement
    • Simple Reconciliation – Consolidated Managed Deposit
    • Real Time Post Back of Payments into Colleague
  • Full Suite of Integrated and Worry-Free Solutions
    • Parent Payment — FERPA Compliant and Real Time
    • Electronic Billing
    • Enrollment Deposits
    • Housing Deposits
    • Shopping Cart
    • Alumni Donations
    • Event Registration
    • Ticket Sales
    • Bookstore
    • And More

And our real-time integration capabilities offer even more functionality and workflow options for our customers.


Data Should Answer Questions,
Not Create Them

Having trouble normalizing data out of Ellucian Colleague®? Tired of waiting on data warehouse refreshes? Are there constant questions about who accessed or updated this record? Ferrilli’s Transport Management Interface (TMI) is a multi-faceted solution to that resolves your data issues with:


  • API connection functionality
  • Data triggers to update your data warehouse on the fly
  • Cron-like process scheduling capability
  • UI and database logging
  • Use it to answer questions like:
    • Who entered this bad data?
    • Who updated this address?
    • Who keeps viewing this record?


Ferilli’s higher education technology solutions are purpose-built for the mission and specially designed to reduce the administrative burden on your campus constituents. Best of all, they all come with Ferrilli’s money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Ferrilli’s proprietary solutions and how they enhance efficiency and enrich experiences for everyone across your institution.

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