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When fully optimized, your institution’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is an incredibly powerful tool. Our CRM consulting can grow enrollment, improve retention, support fundraising and advancement and foster productive relationships with constituents both on and off campus. Even better, it can be a treasure trove of data that powers next-generation analytics to drive success at every stage of the student lifecycle – from applicant to alumnus.

CRM Consulting Services

A single CRM solution can manage and unify your institution’s entire list of contacts. When optimizing your CRM, we can help make it work in conjunction with other departments to enhance communication even further. You can even use stored data within your system to customize a specific user’s experience the next time they visit your institution’s website.

Our experienced CRM for higher education consultants delivers these results for institutions large, small, public and private. They understand that effective management of student and alumni relationships is essential to the mission. As such, they provide support for a wide range of the most popular CRM software systems in higher education today, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Technolution’s Slate and specialized systems such as Ellucian’s suite of CRM Recruit, CRM Advise and CRM Advance.

Our higher education CRM consultants can assist you with creating stronger relationships by engaging your contacts consistently and effectively at each lifecycle stage, ensuring a more connected and fulfilling experience.

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Streamlined CRM Administration & Integration

Ferrilli CRM consultants provide comprehensive administration of your CRM, including:

  • Best-practice guidance
  • Workflow optimization
  • Security settings reviews and updates
  • Support upgrades, patches, and new functionality

We also assist with CRM integration into:

  • ERPs such as Ellucian Colleague®, Ellucian Banner® (we are an Ellucian Platinum Services partner), and other ERP systems using a variety of integration tools
  • Marketing applications such as SharpSpring and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with StrikeIron support and custom data imports from a wide array of tools
  • Reporting applications such as CRM Tableau, Einstein Analytics, Power BI, and Micro Strategies for institutions with on-premise databases, daily data downloads, and cloud SQL access.

Technolutions Slate Support

Slate CRM, exclusively designed for higher education, is a comprehensive platform that manages admissions, enrollment, student success, and alumni relations. As a Slate Gold Preferred Partner, our experienced Technolutions Slate CRM team can support baseline or custom functionality that empowers your admissions team to get the most out of the system. Whether creating automated communications, developing comprehensive reporting, or setting up Slate’s Voyager tool to visually display student information, Ferrilli CRM software consultants can guide and train your staff on all aspects of Slate. Best of all, our deep understanding of the admissions process at myriad institution types ensures the system is aligned to your goals and objectives.

Dynamics CRM Support

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Ferrilli consultants possess the experience and expertise needed to support various applications based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including Ellucian’s CRM Recruit, CRM Advise, and CRM Advance; Microsoft Great Plains; and Customized MS Dynamics for both on-Premise and SaaS. We have supported numerous and diverse institutions as they’ve implemented, optimized, integrated, and updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Not only do we provide the technical support needed to create efficient workflows, dashboards, reporting, integrations, and optimization for every aspect of the system, we have the crucial process knowledge that enables the most efficient and effective use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at your institution.

Salesforce Support

As a Salesforce Impact Partner, Ferrilli helps institutions leverage the Salesforce CRM for higher education ecosystem to support enrollment, student success, and other institutional priorities. We can help you develop a custom Salesforce Community Portal; manage the full recruiting and admissions process; generate complex historical reports using CRM Tableau (Einstein Analytics); map communications strategies; create integrations to and from Salesforce and your ERP; or provide a wide range of Salesforce System Administration services.


Choosing a Trusted CRM Consultant for Your Institution’s Unique Needs

No matter what solution you run, Ferrilli’s ability to help you effectively manage the full student lifecycle is second to none – and is affirmed by our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our CRM consulting services help your institution develop the strategies you need to establish and grow relationships with all those associated with your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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