Technology Assessments for Higher Education

Technology Effectiveness


A Strategic Roadmap for success

To unlock their potential, colleges and universities must navigate a technology landscape that is as complex as institutions themselves. Which systems are the best fit for our strategic plan? Are we making the best use of our limited resources? How can we get the most out of the applications we own? Is our infrastructure as secure and resilient as it needs to be? Perhaps most important, are the myriad solutions we run working in concert to achieve the big picture, long-term objectives we’ve set?

At Ferrilli, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any of these critical questions – so our technology effectiveness assessments are designed to emphasize what makes your mission unique. Your strategic plan is the backbone of our recommendations. Your students, faculty, staff, and administrators provide essential input. Your priorities dictate the roadmap. In the end, you have a solid action plan for remediation, complete with campus buy-in and the budget required to achieve goals.

Ferrilli’s Technology Assessment Approach

Ferrilli’s higher education risk assessments can assist in eliminating uncertainty, minimizing functional disruption and creating your desired transformation.

Please see our catalog of higher education technology effectiveness assessments below. Because we are invested in your success, we are proud to offer a satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you have questions or would like to discuss your Information Technology (IT) consulting service needs with an expert, contact us.

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Active Directory Assessment

A review of the health, configuration, and content of your Active Directory. Ferrilli examines the environment and the people and processes around it, drawing on our expertise to recommend best practices that improve system health, performance, and security.

ERP assessment

Our ERP assessments evaluate how your institution uses its administrative system and software to develop a plan that will help you realign your technology, processes and policies in light of your organization's mission and vision. You'll also receive ERP assessment reports as part of your overall evaluation.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

A high-level assessment of your entire IT environment with detailed looks at network, virtualization, physical server, and wireless infrastructure.

Cyber Security Assessment

A remote vulnerability scan of internal and external networks against existing, publicly known hardware and software vulnerabilities. Includes an audit of security controls, physical entry points to the datacenter, and computers that have access to secure networks.

IT Helpdesk Assessment

A review of the current people, processes, and related technologies in your IT Help Desk, including business processes, triage and dispatch, escalations, incident management, reporting, and customer satisfaction.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

An evaluation of your disaster recovery plan, including all the policies, and procedures surrounding ransomware or other cyberattacks, environmental catastrophes, building accessibility or power disruptions, employee errors, and hardware and software failures.

MS SQL Server Assessment

A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your SQL servers and instances to make proactive recommendations for health, stability, configuration, performance, and security.

SharePoint Assessment

A complete review of your SharePoint environment on front and backend areas. We provide detailed findings and recommendations to improve the stability, performance, security, and general use of your system.

Telecommunications/ VOIP Assessment

A measurement your telecom technology against current and future business drivers, and receive targeted recommendations on increasing your operating efficiencies and maximizing your ROI.

CRM Assessment

A collaboration between Ferrilli and key users of your CRM system and leadership to determine current levels of use and evaluate your environment.

Records & Registration Assessment

A collaboration between Ferrilli and key users of your system and leadership to determine current levels of use and evaluate your environment.

Financial Aid Assessment

A review of the setup, current use, and daily business processes with the Colleague Financial Aid module to determine opportunities for optimization, especially in regards to downstream Colleague data.

General Ledger & Accounts Payable Assessment

An evaluation of your current setup vs. current needs and issues, and determining the best path forward. Includes a review of current practices and training your team on best practices.

HR & Payroll Assessment

A holistic overview and assessment of your business processes with Colleague HR and payroll to identify areas of improvement and implement best practices.

Advancement Assessment

A consultation on your school’s usage of Colleague Advancement, with special attention on system setup and utilization vs. needs of the institution. Ferrilli works directly with appropriate institution staff, reviews all data, and provides comprehensive reporting.

Reporting Assessment

A holistic and strategic overview of your reporting strategy, including both onsite and remote work.

Colleague Security Assessment

A review of Colleague users, roles, and security classes to understand potential improvements in security configurations, known issues, risks, and vulnerabilities. A risk profile is provided for both Colleague screens and user rolls.

Student Accounts Assessment

A review of student accounts and billing practices, with a complete evaluation and guidance on current setup vs. current needs and issues.

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