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It may sound strange coming from a provider of technology services, but at the end of the day, it’s about more.

No matter what the assignment, our goal is the same–to deliver more–so you can achieve more. We will not only fulfill your request, we will offer ideas and recommendations to help you reach your institutional goals. We look for every opportunity to go beyond, do better, maximize your results. What other firms view as a service call, we see as a relationship.

Higher Education Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of capabilities. Please consult with us regarding your needs beyond the services listed below.

Assessments for Higher Education

Ferrilli assessments help higher education institutions optimize their organizational infrastructure and better align their people, processes, and technology. Learn More

Leadership & Team Deployment

Ferrilli provides comprehensive technology leadership, staff augmentation, and team deployment services for higher education institutions. Learn More

CRM Optimization

We provide support for a wide range of the most popular CRM systems in higher education today, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Technolution’s Slate, and specialized systems such as Ellucian’s suite of CRM Recruit, CRM Advise, and CRM Advance. Learn More

CORE Managed Technology Services

We provide cost-effective ways for colleges and universities to manage their most crucial IT services. Access our targeted expertise across the entire stack, from full managed services for your ERP and SIS to assistance with more targeted solutions. Learn More

Innovative Ferrilli Solutions

Check out our suite of proprietary higher ed technology solutions. They are purpose-built for the mission of higher education, by experts who’ve worked in higher ed their entire careers. Learn More

ERP & SIS Support

Get complete ERP and SIS support for higher education institutions with technology services for most ERP systems, including Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague. Learn More

Security, Cloud, & Infrastructure Services

Our Microsoft-certified security, cloud, and infrastructure services transform your organization by reducing risk and overhead while optimizing operations. Learn More


iNtuition Payment Solutions eCommerce is an easier, PCI-compliant payment service built for the business of higher education. Our user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with your ERP and SIS systems and is fully supported by our TPS experts. Learn More


Our Mission

Accelerating a Path to Change Through Technology

Many IT firms can provide IT support. Fewer have the vision, capability, and knowledge to see the big picture: how the right technology can accelerate a path to true transformation and success. At Ferrilli, we go further and we understand that while the right technology is important, the outcomes that the software allows you to achieve is what really matters.

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