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Cybersecurity for
Higher Education

Watch how San Jose Evergreen Community College District deployed a secure virtual environment for remote employees

Cybersecurity for Higher Education

Although many higher education institutions are taking more advanced measures defending against cyberattacks, there’s still more to be done. More than ever, data breaches are among the highest sources of risk for colleges and universities, especially as more applications move to online and cloud platforms. Having the most modern and effective security measures in place is vital for these institutions to fulfill their educational missions.

At Ferrilli, we have extensive experience helping institutions identify, evaluate and mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities. We offer comprehensive plans to help you defend against these attacks, including virtual chief information security officer (CISO) services. Virtual CISO brings leading security analysts to your organization at your convenience so you can benefit from their knowledge of data security and act based on their guidance.

Our team has extensive hands-on experience in developing top-tier information security programs.


Cybersecurity Technology Assessment

Ferrilli can evaluate your current cybersecurity technology to determine your level of protection against today’s primary threats. We will perform a remote scan of your internal and external networks to show publicly known hardware and software vulnerabilities. This service includes an audit of your security controls, your system’s physical entry points, your cloud infrastructure and computers that access secure networks.

Once we assess your system, we can develop a strategy based on your institution’s unique needs. As part of the custom plan, some of the security approaches we’ll take include:

  • Evaluating your current security systems and technology solutions against potential threats.
  • Defining an effective strategy that meets your specific long-term objectives.
  • Leveraging modern technology to deliver a resilient and agile approach.
  • Providing the training and support you need to ensure success.

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As a leader in higher education cybersecurity, we will help mitigate risks without creating undue burdens on students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our security experts help you build a holistic cybersecurity framework with services that include Virtual CISO; Governance, risk and compliance (GRC); Cybersecurity Risk Assessment; and Incident Response.


Cloud is the future of higher education technology – and the future is now. It’s the key to business processes that unlock efficiency and deliver top-notch experiences. It’s essential to agile operations that can keep up with rapidly evolving student expectations. And it’s where IT leaders can stop worrying about maintenance and start driving true innovation. No matter your environment or state of readiness, our expert cloud IT services and consultants help you get to the cloud and all the benefits it delivers.


Our IT infrastructure management consultants help you reduce overhead and free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives and organizational development. On any platform and in any environment, we stand ready to assist institutions in designing, constructing, and maintaining a flexible, scalable, and stable IT infrastructure.

Why Choose Ferrilli for Higher Education Data Security?

Regardless of the potential causes of cyberattacks, every institution should have an effective security program in place. The benefits far outweigh the risks and challenges of dealing with the prospective long-term damage. Most data breaches result in high costs for restoring a computer system, often including lost revenue and a negative impact on your institution’s reputation.

At Ferrilli, we’ll ensure your organization has the policies, procedures and controls in place to protect against all threats and risks.

Besides the baseline protection, other advantages of a higher education cybersecurity system include:

  • Improving your reputation and brand.
  • Reducing costs and increasing profitability through prevention.
  • Protecting sensitive and personal human resource data of students, faculty and staff.
  • Inspiring confidence and trust among your current student body and future applicants.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Pledge 1% as a proud partner. As part of our commitment, we are donating 100 hours of our security and protection services to institutions that have suffered from cyberattacks. In addition to showing our obligations to the higher education community, we hope this pledge stresses the seriousness of these potential cybersecurity threats to businesses everywhere.

Learn more about Pledge 1% and Ferrilli’s commitment to the cause today.


Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Solutions From Ferrilli

Let the experts at Ferrilli work with you to assess your cybersecurity system and identify the potential risks you may have overlooked. Waiting until after the attack takes place to take action is often too late. Contact us today to learn more.

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