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Cloud computing in higher education is quickly becoming the industry standard for institutions everywhere. While cloud-based solutions are more secure against cyberattacks, they also reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. These factors are critical for colleges and universities that want to maintain an edge in a highly competitive industry.

Even though many institutions realize the necessity for cloud migration, transformation is slow. Many organizations claim they need to find the time, money and resources to make the conversion happen. Others migrated to the cloud without proper planning, creating challenging circumstances for everyone involved.

At Ferrilli, our expert cloud consultants and IT team can help you migrate to the cloud intelligently, quickly and efficiently to experience all the advantages it offers.

What Are Cloud Services?

Cloud computing means moving your data and operational programs from local servers to the internet, providing students, faculty and staff access at any time from any device. Cloud operations also involve adopting new technology, learning platforms and applications through the internet, conceivably changing some of the roles of your current IT department. Besides furnishing more comprehensive teaching platforms for faculty, cloud-based solutions also present substantial benefits to students, as technological aptitude is now more critical than ever.

In addition to academics, cloud computing can streamline many other day-to-day institutional tasks, from CRM services to human resources to accounts receivable and payable. Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is leading the charge in cloud technology, minimizing many of the responsibilities institutions face by operating and maintaining entire networks.

The primary benefits of higher education cloud services include:

  • Cost reduction: Cloud-based solutions can save money for your institution in various ways, such as reducing costs associated with data storage, minimizing network maintenance and lowering physical hardware expenses, as the service providers handle all these responsibilities. These services also offer institutions flexibility by choosing the upgrades and programs they want.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Cloud computing makes collaboration among students, faculty and staff simple, as individuals and teams can share and view information efficiently across a cloud-based platform. Some service providers even offer collaborative social spaces to promote engagement.
  • Security: One of the primary responsibilities of a cloud host is to monitor system status and ensure the highest security levels. Many service providers use encryption to make your data less susceptible to imposters. Most cloud-based servers also provide quick data recovery if a disaster does occur.
  • Increased scalability: Cloud computing allows your business to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements based on your needs. This flexibility enables you to support your institution’s growth without expensive investments in your IT systems.

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As a leader in higher education cybersecurity, we will help mitigate risks without creating undue burdens on students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Our security experts help you build a holistic cybersecurity framework with services that include Virtual CISO; Governance, risk and compliance (GRC); Cybersecurity Risk Assessment; and Incident Response.


Cloud is the future of higher education technology – and the future is now. It’s the key to business processes that unlock efficiency and deliver top-notch experiences. It’s essential to agile operations that can keep up with rapidly evolving student expectations. And it’s where IT leaders can stop worrying about maintenance and start driving true innovation. No matter your environment or state of readiness, our expert cloud IT services and consultants help you get to the cloud and all the benefits it delivers.


Our IT infrastructure management consultants help you reduce overhead and free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives and organizational development. On any platform and in any environment, we stand ready to assist institutions in designing, constructing, and maintaining a flexible, scalable, and stable IT infrastructure.

ERP Cloud Migration and Infrastructure Services

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are straightforward and easy to implement into your current system. Besides the cost savings, many cloud-based systems allow you to customize the programs based on the needs of your institution. More importantly, by moving your ERP to the cloud, you free your IT professionals to address the core issues that matter most to your college or university.

If you’ve already migrated to the cloud, Ferrilli’s team can assess your current infrastructure and recommend the necessary steps for system optimization. We can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses to determine how your institution can improve efficiency and reduce expenses even more.


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