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Having the right tools to manage interactions with prospective students is essential for attaining the highest enrollment rates. Integrated admissions and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms allow institutions to develop effective strategies for attracting their ideal applicants. The most optimal admissions recruitment software manages everything in one system, allowing you to save time by minimizing errors and eliminating duplicated efforts across multiple departments.

At Ferrilli, we can help you get the most out of your college recruitment software, whether you’re using Ellucian tools, Microsoft Dynamics, Slate, Salesforce or something else. We leverage decades of industry experience to provide the resources you need to take an efficient, data-driven approach to recruit the applicants who best fit your institution. From the early contact stages through enrollment, we can help implement communication and outreach strategies to attract your ideal students.

Admissions and Enrollment Management CRM Software

Identifying the optimal recruitment software for your institution starts with knowing all the features within your current student recruitment CRM platform. Besides showing you how to enhance the functionality of your system, Ferrilli can also teach you how to create customized recruiting features specific to your organization. The results can help you manage relationships with prospective applicants by personalizing communication, organizing events for future enrollees and monitoring correspondence.

As higher education recruitment becomes more competitive, your institution must stand out above the competition. To attract the top candidates and meet enrollment goals, institutions must engage today’s tech-savvy students on a more personal level across various channels, including mobile and social media applications. The importance of recruitment has led many colleges and universities to devote more resources to achieve higher success rates.

Some of the specific areas admissions recruitment software can address include:

  • Communication and outreach: This area encompasses all the ways you correspond with your recruits, including email, text messaging, voice, social media and printed correspondence. The optimal software will enable you to streamline all these processes and manage them under a single umbrella.
  • Event management: Organizing recruitment events is a critical part of bolstering admission rates, whether you’re organizing campus tours, showcasing a specific academic department or hosting an entire homecoming weekend. Effective software allows you to simplify the management of these events in one system.
  • Reporting and data management: The ability to accurately and efficiently manage your recruitment data is essential for the admissions process. Optimized software allows you to easily access vital application information anywhere in your system through detailed reports and analysis.
  • Application evaluation: Most software systems will enable you to manage data like transcripts, test scores and recommendation letters with a single tool. Many programs allow you to break down the recruitment process according to criteria like graduate status, financial aid eligibility, scholarship status and more.


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Choosing Ferrilli for Your Admissions Management Software Needs

The team at Ferrilli can help you capitalize on all the benefits of an optimized recruitment software system, whether you’re starting entirely from scratch or looking to enhance the programs you already have in place. Our professional team has decades of experience helping institutions like yours develop the most effective recruitment strategies. Call us at 888.864.3282 or contact us online today to learn more.

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