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Students, faculty and staff have extremely high service and performance expectations when interacting with their institution’s technology. A highly functioning, easy-to-use ERP is essential for maximizing end-user satisfaction, streamlining operations and minimizing the time and resources allocated to assistance and troubleshooting, for all departments. Higher education leaders must therefore deliver an efficient, well-optimized and user-friendly system to stay competitive.


When Do You Need a Banner ERP Consultant?

Ferrilli wants to help your institution return to the goals that persuaded you to adopt the Banner system. Often, the best way to do that is to adjust your organizational processes and workflows. Some potential indicators of whether you might need an Ellucian Banner® consultant include:

  • If your operation’s processes misalign with your ERP technology.
  • If your software is underutilized due to a lack of knowledge or training.
  • If your administration receives recurring complaints about the inability to access information.
  • If your system managers are overburdened or do not have the resources to adequately manage the application.

If you see any of these signs or something similar at your institution, the team at Ferrilli can help.


Ellucian Banner Support for Higher Education

Ferrilli is an Ellucian Platinum Partner, meaning that we work closely with Ellucian to provide solutions that help our clients reach their goals. Our experienced team of Banner consultants has the knowledge and skills to optimize your Banner system, and we will fully commit to ensuring that it works optimally for your students, faculty and staff.

We distinguish ourselves among the companies that provide service to higher education institutions through our holistic approach and constant availability to address your needs. Before we undertake a project, we make sure we fully understand the details and how they fit into your goals. We accomplish this by learning about the people and culture of your institution, even when helping you address your challenges with the Banner system.

We can provide support in project work and management for all the Banner modules, including:

  • Ellucian Banner Student
  • Ellucian Banner Financial Aid
  • Ellucian Banner Finance
  • Ellucian Banner Human Resources
  • Ellucian Banner Payroll
  • Ellucian Banner Accounts Receivable
  • Ellucian Banner Advancement


Ellucian Banner Security

With network threats as frequent and dangerous as ever, we understand the importance of having the highest protection levels for your Banner system. Our team of Ellucian Banner® consultants can help you implement the most effective system solutions to ensure that every aspect of your IT operation remains aligned and protected. We’ll evaluate your existing security systems and define a strategy suited to your institution’s long-term goals.

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Choosing Ferrilli as Your Trusted Ellucian Banner Consultant

At Ferrilli, our skilled team stands ready to help you optimize all your Banner system processes. Call us at 888-864-3282 or fill out our online request form today to learn more. We stand behind all our consultation services with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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