[Webinar Recording] New Student Onboarding: Managing Post-Admit Items in CRM Recruit  

Watch as Ferrilli Associate Director Casey Malone shares tips and tricks for managing post-admit items in CRM Recruit.

Webinar Recording: Developing a Central Configuration Point in CRM Recruit

Ferrilli Does: CRM Optimization

We are often asked “What does Ferrilli do?” Here is an example of what Ferrilli can do to help improve your CRM:

We have designed external web applications that connect to the Slate CRM to retrieve data and display this as information to internal stakeholders. This has included information such as upcoming visitors, reporting, data analytics/comparison, and more.

We have also created specialty portals for specific populations on campus to view data such as a portal for coaches to view athletes and alumni to view other alumni for outreach activities.

Expect more from your technology. Get more with Ferrilli!