A Silver Lining in the Cloud: Ferrilli Helps Hartnell College Leverage Cyberattack Recovery to Modernize IT Infrastructure with AWS

After a cyberattack disabled Hartnell College’s entire IT infrastructure, we helped them get back online in days with a new cloud-based infrastructure built on AWS.

We’re very proud to have been part of this important effort.

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From Triage Specialist to Trusted Strategist: How the Cloud is Transforming the Higher Education CIO

By Marcia A. Daniel, Chief Client Officer, Ferrilli

Not long ago, the Chief Information Officer at a small private institution told me something I never thought I’d hear. “Marcia,” he said, “I can’t get our president to leave me alone. Every day there’s another call about asking what we can do to try and make things run smoother in another department. It’s everything from admissions to the library to housing. I need a break!”

I just had to laugh – because there was a time when every higher education CIO I knew would have begged for the same level or attention. For decades, the only time presidents or their VPs would engage IT leaders was when problems arose. The network is down. Email isn’t working. We have a security problem. IT was essentially a triage center, where maintenance and crisis management were the central responsibilities once a system was implemented.

Today that’s all changing to the point that our CIO from that small private college certainly isn’t alone. Over the last decade, cloud technology has been replacing on premise systems across higher education – and with solutions providers now responsible for ensuring baseline services and “keeping the lights on,” the CIO role is evolving into what it always should have been from the start: a truly strategic partner to institutional leadership

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